Recovery – Getting Started & Next Steps

Oil and Gas Recovery

It is important for us to make sure that there is a higher rate of oil recovery. This has to be done at quite an affordable cost too. You will note that there new methods being employed in this recovery process. This has been brought about by the current technology that is actually so advanced. It is through this technological advancement that there has been an increase in the demand of both oil and gas. Therefore, these techniques purpose to get the best out of each reservoir. These modern technologies are responsible for the recovery of more than fifty percent of the oil that is formed. This recovery is put into three stages.

The primary recovery stage comes in first. Once the well has been completed and started to flow, it will automatically enter the first stage of recovery. It often involves the basic method of an artificial lift. You will note that most of the time it will involve the various types of electrical, mechanical as well as hydraulic lifts. You will also note that there are several treatment methods for the well’s production that are covered in this stage. It does go ahead to consider stimulation of the production too. In most cases, this stage will be dependent on pressure that naturally occurs within the given reservoir. It is known to recover about five to twenty percent of the oil.

After that we have the secondary recovery stage. It will usually feature the use of water flood or even gas injection. This is intended to make sure that the reservoirs pressure is properly maintained. Using this flood technique will always make sure that there is an injection of a fluid or gas in one well which then pushes the oil to the second well. The injected gas or fluid will then be recovered in the second well. It is so common to find the water flood method being used. You will have to employ a lot of expertise in this process due to its demanding nature. In essence, it is the one that introduces external energy to this reservoir. This stage accounts for the collection of between twenty and fifty percent of the oil.

The third stage will basically involve the use of more than two combined forces. Such could be the combination of both natural gas and carbon dioxide. Heat and water can also be used. This is purposed for the production of sufficient steam. In most cases, this stage will also allow for the use of slugging. You will note that there is effectiveness and better yields under this stage. You need to note that there is a necessity for improved oil recovery. It is costly. However, there is no better way of meeting the growing demand of oil and gas.

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